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Culligan 301 Replacement Water Filter

$28.00 $22.99

  • Culligan 301 Replacement Filter Information:
  • The Culligan 301 filters are easy to install in Culligan System 301 under sink water filter systems. Two filters are required for the Culligan 301 system.
  • The Culligan 301 filters require regular replacement of the filter cartridge to maintain proper operation. Varying chlorine, sediment, or organic substance level may affect replacement frequency.
  • When used in the Culligan 301 System, both filter cartridges must be changed at least every 500 gallons or every 6 months: whichever occurs first, or whenever you detect a change in taste, odor, or decrease in water flow.
  • When the Culligan 301 filter is used in the Aqua-Cleer VOC Filter System, the cartridge must be replaced after 250 gallons or 4 months of use, whichever comes first.

The Culligan CUL-301 Water Filter has been discontinued. Purchase the alternate CUL-201 water filter available below. The CUL-201 water filter does not remove as many contaminants as the CUL-301, but the CUL-201 only needs to be replaced every year, compared to replacing the CUL-301 every 6 months. The CUL-101 is also a compatible replacement for the CUL-301, but removes even less contaminants than both the CUL-301 and the CUL-201. The CUL-101 is available below.
  • Culligan 301 Water Filter Specs:
  • Operating pressure range: 5-120 psig (30-830 kPA)
  • Minimum operating temperature: 33?F. (1?C)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 100?F. (38?C)
  • Rated Service Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm (1.9 L/min)

Special Order (1-2 week lead time)
Special Order (1-2 week lead time)
Manufacturer: Culligan

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